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Drawing on a Board

Our services

Plan. Design. Execute.

Enroute Freelance Public Relations offers a wide range of services, including media relations, branding and strategy, press conferences, and more.  With a young spirit and a diverse team in Bahrain, we work with you to customize messaging that best represents you.

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Corporate events management

Our concern for making sure everything is taken care of is why we are such a reputable Public Relations Agency. With great attention to every aspect, from content creation to events management, we are committed to one goal of fulfilling your set objectives

Drawing on a Board

Campaign planning

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Our concern for making sure everything is taken care of is why we are such a reputable Public Relations Agency. We make sure no detail is overlooked, always with the goal of keeping the client at the forefront.

Video Camera


With our young experienced network of videographers, we help give our clients the visual support they need to boost their businesses and careers through outstanding videos.

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Press releases

At Enroute, we pay special attention to press releases because we firmly believe in its the role it plays in helping our clients gain exposure, build trust with existing and prospective customers and increase traffic to their stores or websites.

Office Hang Out

Creative workshops

 We provide creative out of the box workshops, aiming to serve our clients elevate their presence.

Coworking Space

Media Kits

At Enroute Public Relations, we take pride in the personalized, high quality service we offer to all of our exceptional clients, including Media Kits. We are laser focused on increasing brand awareness and promoting impactful stories.

Work Team Meeting

Social Media Strategy

Our impressive connections with media outlets give our clients the support they need to boost their businesses and careers. We provide innovative solutions, including Social Media Strategy, building their presence across multiple platforms.


Voice Over and Emceeing Services

There comes a time when you need to hand the baton off to someone else for a lap.
We ensure that no detail is overlooked, through the power of our professional Voice Over Artists who aim at keeping your message and goal at the forefront.
We also take pride in emceeing corporate events, infusing some structure, energy, and fresh blood into a room full of like-minded individuals.
From welcoming guests to facilitating and coordinating speeches, our hosts ensure that you get exactly what you need and when you need it.

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