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“YOU” should always come first...

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.” – Raymond Hull

Prioritizing other’s needs over yours? Saying “YES” to almost everything around you?

We have all experienced this phase at one stage or another in our lives, we unknowingly or knowingly prioritized other’s needs and wants ahead of our own; thinking we were just being generous and extra good.

But, at some point, it hits you hard, you recognize that you haven’t been serving yourself good, you want more, you deserve more!

Therefore, you decide not to do it any longer!

If the above feels like you, it’s a sign/spark that you need to pause the wheel, focus, re-prioritize having “YOU” and your needs come first.

That’s the only way you can get and seize the life you deserve and want.

Ready to stand up for yourself? Yet, you don’t know how or where to start from?

I totally understand. It is the lack of clarity, confidence, and probably some courage to take the necessary action that might be holding you back.

You might be at crossroads in life, junctures, hard times that obstruct you from seeing the opportunity that lies beneath the heap. Investing in your mind and yourself helps you pave the path that will lead you to the life you have always dreamt of; the life YOU DESERVE; seamlessly transitioning you to a better individual, partner, friend, family member, or professional.

Here are some of my tips that do me good:

1. Start making sure you are happy and content with what you possess and your self – Real happiness lies within your own hands so start loving, cherishing, and caring for yourself. No one can do that better than you!

2. Realize that standing up for yourself is admirable – it shows resilience, self-confidence, authority, and a certain element of guts.

3. Speak with confidence – This implies to the times you want to say a big NO or any other situation where you are asked to speak for yourself – voice, tone, speech clarity all make up a confident human. Keep your head up, don’t rush into words, and take your time to savor each word.

4. Change the way your eyes look at life – Assume a positive attitude with yourself first and then when dealing with people. Happy bright souls that take everything with a smile radiate good vibes. Wake up with gratitude, faith, and love. Believe in your potentials, repeat morning positive affirmations and religious verses, you are ready to lead the world from your zone!

To sum this up, you also need to realize that changes do take time, they will happen gradually and not over-night. You need to be understanding, flexible; good things take time and you’ll improve one step at a time.

Believe in yourself and you need nothing else!

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