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Self-promise: Ramadan- A month of reflection

Ramadan for us as Muslims is the most important month in the Islamic calendar. During this month, we are encouraged to act with generosity, charity, self-discipline, and wash away all the sins through our Athkaar, prayers, and Qura’an readings.

This Ramadan especially, I have created a “Want to Obtain” set of traits that I will reflect upon moving forward. These traits and qualities I would like to possess and maintain regularly, some of which are religious, others are just personality traits that I find pleasing and should grow within me. I have divided the 30 days of Ramadan into sets of 3, each constitutes of 10 days, and named them as 10 days of mercy, 10 days of forgiveness, and 10 days of gratitude.

These titles are nothing but tags that I have labeled for my own self to feel and sense those qualities in every little detail in life daily. So, what I attempt to do is to list down 3 things each day that I am grateful for within this frame title.

*Ultimate goal for this month: Learning to forgive more and focusing on self-improvement

*Personal goal: Instill a spirit of progression within my daily acts.

*Struggle of the day: Organizing my hours, sleeping hours, praying hours

*Positive affirmation for the week: I am brimming with energy and attracting positive vibes.

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