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My journey: From "Medicine" to "Engineering" to "PHASE 3"...

It's my first blog out here and I am running through a mix of emotions - but overall thrilled to be FINALLY taking this step !

Choosing my career was a rollercoaster journey, let me tell you, if it was close to anything, it was to not be as easy as one could think. I was a very hard-working student back in my intermediate and high school, so merit list achievements, sports achievements, extra-curricular achievements, and anything that relates to excellence and progress. Yet, I wasn't a typical nerdy, it's just that I was raised to excel in any field that I enter.

Years pass by, more achievements, and then comes that stage where I was exposed to practically the first "big"decision in my life, one that will completely affect my future and career goals as well as how I wish to portray myself in the future. Just as a typical "high school merit list achiever" who majored in Bio and Chem Science stream, the ultimate 2 options I had in mind were medicine and engineering. No, it wasn't my parents choice!

So, let me make this clear- medicine was a true passion for me, and honestly, it still is, it's just that things didn't work out the way I wanted them to (despite my hard work). I then decided to take a shift in my career but with the same mindset and the reluctance to join any other college program other than those perceived as the top colleges, so you can guess, my decision took me to enroll in an Engineering program having more dreams of achieving "Excellence" in the very normal definition not one of my own.

Choosing this program was basically another desperate try from my inner self to continue hanging to "EXCELLENCE". Again, things didn't work out my way, but this time I knew I had a huge role in this, it wasn't really my passion, unlike medicine that I deeply admired.

Now, comes the third and final stage in my career - a mix of emotions, instability, the course was too harsh, I started doubting a lot of things, I was not in my best phase -not at all-

No one could really understand what I was going through, not even the closest of my friends and family not that I tried to explain it. Perhaps, I just felt that it is better that way - keeping my emotions for myself and learning along the way how to dust myself, pat my back and stand upright again with a totally new mindset and skillset.

I really realized that I needed to have this one-to-one session with myself, a true, honest, and brave one. This phase expanded for a good amount of time, like a really good amount of time! I thought this stage would never end, I thought I will never be able to get back on track again whole-fully.

And it is only then that God decides to clear my way and vision, it is only then that I entered my phase 3 and final phase in my educational career life - so far-

PHASE 3 was my turning point! I will be discussing this phase with all the lessons I learned emotionally and mentally along the way in my next blog.

So, stay tuned for an emotional logical kind of talk!

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