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5 reasons why choosing to pursue a career in Public Relations was the best decision...

After experiencing a roller coaster in my educational journey (I wrote about that in my previous blog), I decided to listen a bit more to my passion, the call of my mind and overall try and give myself the tranquility and mental flexibility required to discover the true passion.

And believe it or not, that was the glue that pieced everything together!

Since my childhood, I have been in love with emceeing events, conferences, and honestly anything that has to do with mics and being in front of cameras. I remember the first time I ever held a mic in my hand and emceed an event, was in a crowded hall gathering 100+ attendees for a closing ceremony of a youth summer camp with parents celebrating the achievements of their youngsters.

This was my first time to ever fall in love with this equipment (mic) and all those cameras recording the ceremony, and it was only that day that I realized I was irrevocably and desperately in love with being on stage, confidently holding a mic and speaking to audiences and cameras.

So years later, when I gave myself that break and decided to reprioritize my life decisions and choices, this PASSION found its way back to the surface.

So, did I major in Radio and TV?

Not really, I decided to broaden my view and study a major that combines this passion I have as well as the deep interest I developed over the years for corporate events management, dealing with media relations, disseminating press releases, strategizing for businesses, and brainstorming innovative event ideas.

So, I decided to enroll in a "Mass Communication" program majoring in "Public Relations". I knew I was passionate about this field, but it was only until I practically started studying, interning during my college years, reading, conducting prominent interviews with public figures that I realized that I was meant for this!!

This mesmerizing relationship has made my life much more interesting, challenging, and fun too!

I excelled in every opportunity given to me, I left a print in all the subjects and courses I undertook and successfully secured my Bachelor’s degree in only 3 years and a half. (Back to being an A student like the old years!)

Looking back at my study years and comparing it with my work field now, I can conclude 5 reasons why choosing PR was the best decision:

  1. PR cherishes your writing skills - Writing was a hidden thing that I do for my self, I have my personal diary, mini-blogs that no one ever read, but I knew that writing was something I never want to throw away

  2. PR and Media interrelate - I love dealing with the media, building successful business relationships with journalists, reporters, and photographers

  3. PR challenges you almost every day - I thrive in challenging environments; it is what brings the best out of me. It is the fuel to my power and PR is just about solving challenges and coming up with innovative solutions that perfectly fit the given circumstances

  4. PR breaks routines - I dislike routines especially when it comes to work, I always want new things to cross my way, help make the best of my existing abilities as well as teach me in a thriving environment. PR stands out in this field, the variety of work opportunities, titles, industries you can work in is insane and just satisfies this hungry need of variety. PR helps you choose pathways that combine your passions. Specializing in a field or growing in a niche industry can help you stand out of the crowd

  5. PR opens you endless doors– PR is the secret key for almost all doors. It allows you to socialize and build relationships, connect with a wide range of diverse personalities, and overall maximizes your strengths. In today’s ever-growing world and with technology sweeping its way to almost every aspect of our lives, many of us are digital natives who embrace all those social media platforms - PR helps one connect in person and online

If I were asked to advise on who should pursue a career in PR, I would say it is for all those who crave challenges, ready to put in the hard work, and rewardingly get exposed to endless opportunities.

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